Every Website is a different Story

So I always start my job with the question:
“What’s your story about?”
Nobody knows it better than you.

Theme, characters, needs, objectives,
actions to be taken, style…
Like in stories, Web Design is a journey towards resolution.
Let’s do it together.

On The Narrative Approach


Levin & Co.

My name is Ruth Liliana Levin and I am an independent web designer with over 15 years of experience. Unlike other website designers, I believe that the process of interacting with the client (listening, understanding, presenting options in clear language and not necessarily technical …) is as important as the end result.
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“I appreciate Ruth’s no-nonsense approach, ability to get non-techie people published online and guidance on text, image and story. The fact that Ruth is very competitive on price is a testament to her speed and passion for web design.” Jeffer London, Consultor
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