I create your videos to promote your events, your services or your products. HD videos for YouTube or social media campaigns…
Very affordable prices!
Made from your previous recorded videos or free stock footage.
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Video Promo
Broadcast your message by posting scripted videos that you can share on your social networks and other channels. For your website, services, products and promotions.



Video prompts shares…
Video drives more conversions…
Clients love them…
Search engines love them…
Send me your photos and have your scripted video for a very affordable price.
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Photo Promo
Instead of your conventional gallery, convert your photos and clips into scripted videos for your web and social networks. Events, memories, travel, presentations, invitations, etc.



Graphics for Social Networks & Marketing
Covers, promos, posters, flyers, banners, newsletters, etc. for your social networks, advertising and your marketing campaigns.

Example: Facebook cover and flyer.


Do you ever stare at a blank page and think: “What am I going to blog post this week?”
Generating ideas for content is what I do. The way I do it is through keywords, linked to your interests, business and audience.
I do the research. You make the selection. You’ll never need to look at a blank page again.
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Topics Keywords Research
Tell me about your interests, your business, your activities and those of your competitors.
The more I know about you, the better I’ll be able to provide you with inspiring ideas for content.